Building Block Police Car Series Construction Toy Pull Back Cars Police Truck Educational Toys Play Set


Four different difficulty sets, racing cars, cars, patrol car. armed cars.
Don’t need the motor and battery, is also a pull back car.
Made of high quality materials, also compatible with other brands of building blocks accessories.
Each toy block car contains two toy figures.

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The car's Pull Back mechanism doesn't require any batteries or motors to function, making it a very eco-friendly option. The blocks in this series are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting play. The blocks are also compatible with other brands' block parts, expanding the range of design options available to children. Not only does this toy provide entertainment and a sense of accomplishment once assembled, but it also stimulates creativity and critical thinking in children. By following the step-by-step instructions to assemble the car, children can develop their cognitive and problem-solving skills. This series includes four different models, each with varying configurations and piece counts: Police Chase Car (370 pieces), Police Patrol Car (402 pieces), Police Surveillance Car (395 pieces), and Police Armored Car (403 pieces). The different models available in this series also add to the variety and enjoyment of this toy. Children can choose to assemble a Police Chase Car, which features sleek and speedy design, or a Police Armored Car, which has a more robust and powerful appearance. Additionally, the Police Patrol Car and Police Surveillance Car offer unique designs and features, further adding to the excitement and diversity of the toy series.


   The parts are easy to assemble and won't fall apart.                    Simulation of the appearance of police car lights.


         Enhance children's imagination and creativity.                         Wheels can be turned, with sliding function

Product Specifications

Item No:523587/523588/523589/523590
Color: Black
Packing: Color Box

Material: Plastic

Packing Size: 47*35*7 CM
Carton Size: 88*49*73 CM

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