Toy Recommendations of the Day – Battle Bumper Cars Toys Pull Back Car


It's time for our toy recommendation today, and today we bring you this battle explosion bumper pull back car. This is an ideal toy for children over 3 years old. The bumper cars come in eight different colors and multiple functions, so let's take a look.

A very interesting battle toy car


This toy bumper car for children uses a new type of pop-up game design. When two toy cars collide, parts pop out of the front cover of the toy car. It's also a friction-return car. Just pull the bumper cars backwards and the cars will drive themselves and run forward. High quality material is used, which will not crack, bend or break even under strong impact.

Safe and durable


Use high quality plastic, free of harmful substances such as BPA and lead. The body is made of high quality catalpa alloy, safe, non-toxic, durable, anti-wear and anti-fall.

A great fun for children to collect


8 different colors, 4*4 pull-back driving, faster than ordinary two-wheel drive pull-back vehicles. Each is 5.9 inches.


Headlights and impact shields.


The back spare tire.


Rubber tires.

It uses 3 button batteries and can be easily replaced at the bottom of the car. There are lights in the front of the car, and the spare tire makes a sound. On the bottom, four rubber tires, four-wheel drive, non-slip and shockproof, strong grip, stable driving on all kinds of terrain, such as beach, sand, blanket, grass or road.


In addition to a collision battle game, car races can be held in hallways, living rooms or on the kitchen floor. With a simple pull back action, you can start a fast and intense race. The toy car is easy for children to play with, and it will also be a wonderful time for parents to interact with children.

Post time: Sep-10-2022


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