Toy Recommendations of the Day – Simulation children’s vacuum cleaner sety


Babysitting or cleaning? Every time we clean, the baby messes up. Today we recommend this new type of children's vacuum cleaner for your reference. Cultivate the baby clean good habits. Baby's vacuum cleaner set, suitable for parent-child interaction, enhance the relationship. Easily absorb paper scraps and food scraps. Baby cultivate good habits of good helper.

Use very simple housework toys

3 in 1 design, three different head accessories, and uses 5 AA batteries. A short nozzle can be used for hand-held vacuuming or a long handle for "twist" cleaning. Suitable for various scenarios. Scientifically designed grip, smooth and burr free, safe and odorless material, easy to assemble.


The vacuum cleaner has a flat nozzle and a long suction head, which is suitable for sucking up shreds of paper from the cracks in the wall. This kind of suction head is often used to suck up the dust of furniture bumps or some uneven places, as well as the dust and garbage in the drawer.


The flat suction head of the vacuum cleaner can be used to absorb dust from sofa surfaces, sheets, curtains, etc.


This kind of suction head can suck the paper scraps, soot, under the bed, and chemical fiber cotton wool on the wooden floor, paint and cement floor, plastic soft-covered floor.


Empty debris and confetti by removing the dust cup lid. The child can easily remove it to empty it and start cleaning again.


Simulated sound, bright colors, lightweight and cordless, and easy to store.

Role-playing for small children, pretending they are doing chores, just like adults


Although this is a toy, it has less suction power than a real vacuum cleaner. A first step for young children to understand the world, preschoolers learn by acting and imitating what their parents do, with a variety of ways to play, they'll never get tired of helping with the housecleaning!

Post time: Sep-27-2022


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