Summer Toy Electric Water Gun Battery Operated Automatic Squirt Water Guns


Battery powered electric automatic water spray gun.
Cool shape design, with LED lighting.
Waterproof and leakproof.
300 ML and 600 ML two style.
Made of high quality non-toxic ABS material, feel strong and durable.

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This toy gun is powered by four AA batteries, which makes it portable and easy to use. Its sleek and cool design is guaranteed to make heads turn, while the effortless mechanism makes it a popular choice among kids and adults alike. The Electric Toy Water Gun is incredibly easy to use. Once the batteries are inserted and water is loaded, all you have to do is hold down the trigger and watch as the water shoots out up to a distance of 26 feet. This makes it perfect for outdoor play, especially during those hot summer days when everyone wants to cool off. Not only does the Electric Toy Water Gun shoot out water, but it also comes equipped with LED lights that light up as the water is being shot out. This creates a visually stunning effect that kids will love, making it a great toy for nighttime play too. Durability is key when it comes to children's toys, and the Electric Toy Water Gun has got it covered. It's made of high-quality ABS material that is both waterproof and shock-resistant, ensuring it can withstand rough handling and accidental falls. The Electric Toy Water Gun comes in two different sizes, 300ML and 600ML. The 300ML version is available in both red and blue, while the 600ML version comes in blue and black. This gives you plenty of options to choose from, so you can pick the perfect color and size that suits your preferences. The Electric Toy Water Gun is an excellent addition to any toy collection, providing endless hours of fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike.


1. The water gun comes with LED lights that glow when used.
2. High strength waterproof function, watertight seal.


1. After installing the battery and filling it with water, it's time to start the fun shooting game, which can shoot up to 26 feet.
2. Water gun is made of plastic environmentally friendly material, strong and durable.

Product Specifications

 Item No: 174048

● Color: Red, Blue

 Packing: Open Box

● Material: Plastic

 Packing Size: 25*23*6.2 CM

 Product Size: 22*17*5.8 CM

● Carton Size: 66*55*82 CM


 G.W&N.W: 24.6/21.6 KGS

● Item No: 174069

 Color: Blue, Black

● Packing: Open Box

 Material: Plastic

 Packing Size: 48*11*30 CM

 Product Size: 41*24*10.5 CM

● Carton Size: 75*50*91 CM


 G.W&N.W: 18.5/17 KGS

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